Do I have Video Layer (Chroma Key) Support?

To check the capabilities of your device, including the maximum supported resolution and whether your device supports video layers, go to KineMaster Settings (the gear icon on the first screen when KineMaster is launched) and select Device Capability Information.


On certain Android devices, if KineMaster does not recognize the device, a heuristic algorithm (in other words, “a best guess”) is used to determine the device capabilities. Occasionally, this may not be correct. It is possible to force KineMaster to run a Hardware Performance Analysis to attempt to determine the device capabilities more precisely.

Running a Hardware Performance Analysis (Android users only):  Note that this process attempts to probe the limits of the device by using many video encoders and decoders at the same time until the device is unable to create any more; therefore, if other applications are using the video encoder or decoder hardware it can cause incorrect results.  For this reason, it is important to reboot your device and make sure no other apps are running. Also note that although this process generally gives good results, it is not perfect. If you run into problems, please contact support (KineMaster Main Screen > Help > Email Support), or join the community at

To determine if your device can support video layers, 1) Reboot reboot your device 2) Open KineMaster; do NOT open any other apps. 3) Tap Settings on the KineMaster main screen (the project list screen) and then proceed to Device Capability Information. 4) Tap on the top right of the screen, and select Run Analysis Now. NOTE: This process may take up to 3-5 minutes. If after this scan you still do not see layer support, then your device likely is not capable of running video layers.

FURTHER TROUBLESHOOTING:  In the rare case the your detected device capabilities have decreased after running the performance analysis, first check the menu to see if there is an option to switch between layer mode and high resolution mode. On some devices that narrowly support a particular resolution, this option may be available, and changing it may solve your problem (note that this option applies only to newly created projects, not projects that already existed before changing the option).  If the layer mode/ high resolution mode options are not available, you can restore the previous settings (before running the Hardware Performance Analysis) by going to your device’s Settings app, choosing the App Manager, finding KineMaster, and using the Clear Data option (note that when clearing KineMaster data on Android, your preferences may be reset, but projects you have created will not be lost).