Cropping (Secondary Timeline)

(Media Layer) (Effects)


The Cropping tool allows for the cropping of a Media or Effect Layer to a particular size or shape. Upon opening the Cropping tool, a dotted outline of the selected layer will be visible. Tapping and dragging on the top right corner will rotate the layer, while tapping and dragging the bottom right corner will scale the layer. Pinching and spreading within the dotted outline will shrink or enlarge the layer content, rendering any overflow outside the dotted line invisible. Note that layer content cannot be smaller than its original size.

Tap Mask to enable cropping to one of 18 different fixed shapes. Feather adjusts the amount of softness or blurriness on the edge of the crop. A Feather value of 0 will show sharp edge lines, while a maximum value of 50 will show a heavily blurred edge.