Effect Layers


KineMaster Effect Layers Screen


Effect Layers can be added to projects by tapping Layer on the Media Wheel, tapping Effect, then by choosing an effect from the Effect Browser. Effect Layers contain effects, which apply a visual transformation to all items in the Primary Timeline, as well as any layers positioned behind them. By default, the following two types of basic effects are available in the KineMaster Effect Browser.


  • Gaussian Blur - Bring any image out of focus to a varying degree.
  • Mosaic - Make any image pixelated to a varying degree.


Many more effects are available from the KineMaster Asset Store.


In the Effect Browser, tap an effect to preview it in the Effect Preview. Tap Confirm to add a layer with that effect to the Timeline, starting at the time of the playhead’s current position. Adding an Effect Layer to the Timeline will close the Effect Browser.


Selecting an Effect Layer on the Timeline by tapping it will bring up the Option Panel which includes options for the current layer. On Android, this also includes a link to the Effect Browser via tapping Effect on the top left of the panel. Returning to the Effect Browser and choosing another effect will replace the effect in the selected layer.