2018 KineMaster for the Gold Contest

To honor the spirit of the Olympics, show off what you love about your country for a 1-year subscription to KineMaster!

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway! Athletes from around the world are hitting the slopes or heading out onto the ice! KineMaster is offering you a chance to win something for your country, too. Don’t worry about owning skis, skates, or snowboards — you don’t even need to be near snow.




Make a video with Kinemaster about something special, unique, or interesting related to your country. Then, enter it for your shot at the gold, which in this case is a 1-year subscription to KineMaster!


Full Rules here: LINK

Video Submission Form: LINK


Tourist attractions and famous places are good places to start, but don’t limit yourself! We want to see the cool places where you hang out, the foods you eat, the places you go to get away from it all… you know— the special things that make your home feel like home. Try some of these tricks in KineMaster to make your video entry stand out:

- Speed control can accelerate the pace of city living

- Crop and Pan across photos to give your video a documentary feel

- Use transition effects to bring it all together!


Full Rules here: LINK

Video Submission Form: LINK

You can download KineMaster from the following locations:

Google Play: LINK

Galaxy Apps: (Available on Samsung devices only)

App Store: LINK


If you have issues with KineMaster, you can find help on our community.


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