Starting a New Project - Empty Project


Starting with an Empty Project gives you full control over your video right from the start.


  1. Tap New Project to create a project.
  2. Tap Empty Project.
  1. Tap Media. You can select video, images, or backgrounds for your project.
  2. Tap Record to record directly from your device for use in your project.
  3. Tap Audio. You can choose from recordings or music from your device or you can access the Asset Store to find music or sound effects.
  4. Tap Voice to record a voice-over for your video.
  5. Tap Layer to add a variety of items to your project. See The Secondary Timeline for more information.
  6. Tap Asset Store to access the KineMaster Asset Store, where you can download a variety of additional items to enhance your project, such as royalty-free music, fonts, overlays, sound effects, animations, and more.
  7. Refer to Basic Project Editing to learn more about editing your project.
  8. When finished, tap Share to export your finished video and save it to the Camera Roll or Gallery, or to share it via, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox, or other services.


Android -  Shared videos can be found in the device’s export folder (usually KineMaster/Export/)

iPhone and iPad - Unless Camera Roll is specified upon sharing, shared videos are held within KineMaster itself.