Why does KineMaster only support editing up to 720p on my smartphone? What can I do with my video recorded at 1080p or 4K?


On most newer phones and tablets, KineMaster can support up to 1080p video directly. However, on some devices KineMaster is limited to 720p video due to hardware limitations. In most such cases, KineMaster will automatically offer to convert 1080p video to 720p when you add it to a project. As for the 4K videos, it is now possible to import 4K videos (with re-encoding) on the Snapdragon 820 chipset only. Currently, there is no chipset on the market that is powerful enough to support exporting in 4K, but we expect there may be some new phones in late 2017 that might be capable of it. (There is no technical limitation in KineMaster about it... internally, KineMaster already supports 4K, but there aren't any phones or tablets that are capable of it yet).

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