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Volume Option


Select a video clip and then tap on  button to adjust its volume. Tap on  button to mute or move the slider to adjust volume. Use the Background music  slider to adjust the background volume while audio from the video clip is playing.


Basic Volume Settings

This is the basic UI before setting volume.

Compressor Feature

Compressor automatically equalizes the volume level of each audio clip. Turning ON the Compressor will increase the volume up to 12dB for audio clips with low volume level and volume will remain the same for audio clips that have already reached its maximum volume level; this will enable you to keep the volume level consistent for each audio clip at all times. You can also adjust the volume to increase or decrease the volume level of a clip while the Compressor is turned ON.

 <Audio Waveform Comparison: Before & After Using Compressor>

Audio Channel Panning

There are two channels (Left/Right) on audio output of a stereo device and the system which adjusts the volume level and channel of an inputted audio during output is called the PAN. For example, slide the PAN all the way to the left side and you will only hear sound coming out from the left earphone and nothing from the right side. A stereo audio clip is consisted of two audio channels (Left/Right), so you can adjust the Left PAN and Right PAN values separately using two separate PAN sliders.
You can also set Audio Balance, switch to Mono mode or to Left/Right channel using the PAN sliders.

Mono/Stereo Slider Indicator

When the audio clip is on Mono mode (one channel) you only need to adjust with a single PAN.


     <Mono Mode Indicator>                 <Stereo Mode Indicator>



Mono Mode Setting

Even if the indicators are on Stereo mode, you can still bring the sliders to the center and switch your audio to Mono mode.


                     <Switch from Stereo Mode to Mono Mode>



How to Switch L/R Channel

Slide each L/R slider to the opposite end and audio channel will be switched. In other words, Left channel will be switched to Right channel and vice versa.


           <Before Switching>                         <After Switching>



                               <Sample of Switched L/R Channel>


Pitch Adjuster Feature

This enables adjusting the pitch of an audio clip lower or higher; you cannot use this feature when an Audio Filter is already applied to the clip.


           <Reducing Pitch>                          <Raising Pitch>

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