KineMaster Ridiculous New Year's Resolution Contest 2017-18


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Thank you for visiting! Entry to the KineMaster Ridiculous New Year's Resolution Contest has CLOSED. Please visit here on February 6th to see the winners!


Make a video. Win prizes.

Submit a short video about Ridiculous New Year's Resolutions and win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, a mobile production rig, a Padcaster Green Screen, or a subscription to KineMaster!

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Yes, it's that time of year again, where we try to justify pizza as a health food (sauce is a vegetable) and where we put things off, but only until tomorrow, because then we really have to do some work. Honest. Tomorrow. Bright at early, from 4pm.

In celebration of this wondrously delusional occasion, we at KineMaster are having another video contest, to let you make fun of/call out the institution that is the New Year's Resolution.

Possible on-theme ideas could include videos on:

         - Ridiculous resolution ideas

         - Ridiculous ways of justifying getting out of resolutions

         - Ridiculous consequences of resolutions 

         - (Basically a funny video about resolutions is fine :) )


It's easy, and a lot of fun! So get out there and make some video! (And follow us on Twitter so you can keep updated!)


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