Muserk + KineMaster


Available on KineMaster 4.1 for Android.


KineMaster has partnered with Muserk to give you a free way to remove the "made with KineMaster" watermark from your video while at the same time getting quality music.


Just use any of the Muserk tracks available for free in the KineMaster asset store, and the "made with KineMaster" watermark will be automatically removed from your video when sharing directly to YouTube.


Please keep in mind that these tracks are for personal, non-commercial use only.  For the full legalese, see here.  A few things you should know (but read the whole agreement for details):


  •  You can't monetize videos that use these tracks
  •  We can monetize your videos automatically if you use these tracks (in other words, some of your viewers might see ads on your channel)
  •  In order for the watermark to be removed, the music must be clearly audible in the background for most of the video.
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