KineMaster for iPhone Launch Promotion

Make a video with the new KineMaster for iPhone, share on Instagram or Twitter with both the hashtags #KineMaster and #iPhone to win a trial subscription!

We’re proud to announce that KineMaster is now available for iPhone! We’ve had to keep this under our hats for a long time, but we’re excited to now show iPhone users why KineMaster has become a leader in mobile video editing solutions. To share our excitement, and to invite iPhone users to our growing user community, we’re offering the chance for five hundred (500) lucky (and speedy!) individuals to receive a free sixty (60)-day trial subscription to KineMaster.

Subscribing to KineMaster not only removes the KineMaster logo from exported videos, it also provides access to regularly updated premium content, such as high-quality music from several genres, stickers, and animated overlays.


Contest Rules:


Entering into the contest is simple. Just follow the following steps.


  1. Download KineMaster from the App Store: Get KineMaster here!
  1. With KineMaster for iPhone, use our streamlined interface to create a video for the world to see. Feel free to use any or all of KineMaster’s features, including video layers (B-roll), chroma key, multiple audio tracks, and much more. There is no theme, but to be accepted, videos must conform to the following conditions.
  • Videos must be between 30 seconds and 1 minute of length and contain actual video content.
  • Videos must display the KineMaster for iPhone watermark in the top right corner. We know the difference between versions!
  • Videos may be filmed on any device, but must be edited in KineMaster for iPhone.
  • Videos must be family friendly. i.e. No Nudity, no extreme violence, and no sexist, racist, or in any other way derogatory or disparaging remarks. Basically, if you can show it to a 7 year old child, you’re probably fine with us.
  1. Share your video creation with the world through #KineMaster #iPhone! Upload to your favourite video streaming service, or directly to Twitter or Instagram. Share your post publicly with both of the hashtags #KineMaster and #iPhone to qualify.
  • Note to Facebook Users: We cannot accept videos shared directly on Facebook due to Facebook messaging restrictions. (Facebook doesn’t allow us to send direct messages to users. We can only reply.) Please share your videos on Twitter or Instagram to qualify!
  1. The first five hundred (500) qualifying videos (based Instagram and Twitter timestamps) will receive a free sixty (60)-day trial subscription to KineMaster. Winners will be notified by Direct Message, so please make sure to allow Direct Messages on your account!


It’s as easy as that! Now, put that new iPhone camera to use, and go make some video!